Changing Your System Clock


Which System Do You Have?

If you need to change the system clock on your phone system, first determine which system you have.

Scroll down to the appropriate system.


Many Iwatsu systems have the ability to automatically provide Daylight Saving Time changes.  However, in some software versions, the changes follow the old Daylight Saving Time standard before Congress changed it with the Energy Policy Act of 2005.  One provision of this act extended Daylight Saving Time by four to five weeks, depending on the year.  This change took effect in 2007.  If your system software level was released before this time, you will have to change your clock manually.

The system clock must be set from the Attendant position.  This is usually extension 201 or 3001.  If you are unsure which extension is the attendant, dial 0 from any system phone and see which extension rings.

    Press the Speaker button (SPKR).
    Press the Feature button (FEAT) then dial 64.
    Enter the time in four-digit, 24-hour military format (HH:MM).
    Wait for a confirmation tone.
    Press the Speaker button (SPKR).

You will also need to change the time on your Iwatsu voice mail system.  This will allow time/date stamps and any automatic scheduling to function properly.

    From the Attendant position (the same extension you used when setting the system clock), press the voice mail key (VMS).
    Enter that station's access code.
    Press 4 for System Management.
    Press 5 to set or review the system time.
    Press 2 to set the time.
    Enter the time in four-digit, 24-hour military format.
    Hang up. 

Executone IDS

If an operator console is being used: Press CTRL+C and enter the time in 4-digit, 24 hour format.
If there is no console: From the operator extension press 28, then the hour and minutes in the following format:
HHmm. (HH = Hour, mm = minutes) The hour must be in a 4-digit, 24-hour format.
For example: for 9:00 AM, dial 280900
for 1:30 PM, dial 281530

(To Find out which extension is the operator, go to any phone, pick up the handset, and dial 0. The phone that rings is your operator.  Usually, it will be extension 3001.  Also, some system software versions don't have this feature.) 

Vodavi Infinite

The system time must be entered from extension 100.
From extension 100, with the handset down, dial 692.
When the display shows "Date&Time", enter the date and time in the following format:
where YY = Year
MM = Month
DD = Day
HH = Hour (24-hour military format)
mm = Minute
For example:   November 1st, 2010 at 1:35 PM would be entered as 1011011335

Once the digits are entered, you will hear a confirmation tone.  You may then hang up by lifting and setting down the handset, or by pressing the ON/OFF key.

You will also need to change the time on your Vodavi Talk Path voice mail system.  This will allow time/date stamps and any automatic scheduling to function properly.  The Vodavi voice mail system will automatically reset itself for the time change to take effect!  This will shut down your voice mail for about two to three minutes.

    From extension 100, pick up the handset and press the VMS key.
    Enter the mailbox access code for extension 100.
    From the Main Menu, dial 7.  (There will be no prompt for option seven).
    Press 8 for System Administration.
    Press 4 to change the system date and time.
    Follow the prompts to change the time and date.
    Hang up.
    The Vodavi voice mail system will then automatically reset itself.